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deep tissue massage

Category: General Massage

Duration : 90 minutes

Using warm aromatherapy oil combined with a special technique that uses strong pressure on various points of the body that cause tension in the muscles of the body and touches the deepest part of muscle. Deep tissue massage is suitable for you who spend time to work or sitting at a desk all day.

Putri of java

Category: Indulgence Package

Duration : 150 minutes

Based on an ancient ritual that was carried out for preparing the bride for the wedding in Java islands. This unique traditional treatment includes a choice of body scrub to remove dead skin cell and smooth the skin, and complete the zenith experience with a unique traditional V-smoke. It’s a journey that lips could not tell enough…

Sequences: Aromatherapy Foot Bath ~ Deep Tissue Massage ~ Totok V ~ Choice of body Scrub ~ Body Conditioning ~ Betel Soak ~ V Smoke  ~ Body Moisturizing


Category: Salon

Duration : 30 - 60 minutes

An absolute way to remove unwanted hair from your body, using a quick waxing method that is designed to be as virtually pain – free as possible and leaves the skin smoother.

Categories: Full Legs, Half Legs, Brazilian, Bikini Line, Arms and Under Arms

mom for baby

Category: Mom and Kids

Duration : 120 minutes

Enjoy a pleasant moment for yourself and your baby, 60 minutes pregnancy massage - plus a soothing coconut body exfoliation and yoghurt splash body conditioning to moisturize the skin which tends to dry during pregnancy, complete the experience with nature  facial for healthy and glowing skin.

Sequences : Aromatherapy Footbath ~ Pregnancy Massage ~ Soothing Coconut Body Scrub ~ Refresher Nature Facial ~ Shower

Blissful Sweetheart

Category: Couple Package

Duration : 210 minutes

Celebrate love in your own way, get full pampering moment side by side and feel the air of love; let your mind, body and soul melted in the range of blissful spa package.

Sequences: Aromatherapy Footbath & wrap ~ Scalp Aromatic Massage ~ Refresher Nature Facial ~ Face Acupressure ~ Romantic Scent Body Massage ~ Coffee Cinnamon Body Scrub ~ Jacuzzi ~ Hair Mask

Consort Getaway

Category: Pre-Wedding Ritual

Duration : 435 minutes

135 Min - Treat Day One: Flower foot bath, Rose Petal Aromatic Massage and Revitalizing Facial
120 Min – Treat Day Two: Aromatherapy Foot Bath, Indian Head Massage, Lulur pengantin Body Scrub, Yoghurt Body Conditioning and Flower Bath
180 Min – Day Three: V ~ Care, Manicure & Pedicure and Hair Spa